+ Rewind by Margaret Chan

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The Numbers by Jarek Kubicki

Oil On Canvas by Kwang Ho Shin

Memories of Seafoam by Carla Goldberg

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Aquamarine by Carla Goldberg 

beautiful and calming

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map-like illustrations by Jennifer Maravillas

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Boxes of Old Letters, Burdens or Treasures?

Exhibition Catalogue: Only Shadows Remain by Chloe Gehrke

Memory calendar by Marleen Annema

great idea. wish I had one.

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Politicians Discussing Global Warming by Issac Cordal.

These sculptures/little people are placed in different places all over the world to help raise awareness of the environmental problems of the world.

I really like the idea and execution. I think the whole installation speaks for itself.. need I say more?

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looks great!


what love looks like (when you can’t keep the fire burning) by anatol knotek

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»falling alphabet« by anatol knotek

handmade, 26 pages, 21,5 x 7,5cm, sewn bindings, hardcover;
limited edition of 26 pieces;

each book has a different cover, representing one letter of the alphabet!

the price is €35,- (~$48,-) including packaging and worldwide shipping.
if you are interested in buying this book just click here (paypal).

available right now:
c, d, f, g, h, i, j, l, m, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, y

for more information or if you have some questions, please send me an email at: anatol[at]anatol[dot]cc

[my books available at the moment: anachronismwachseinfalling alphabet]